7 WhatsApp plugins you have to test for you blog!

7 WhatsApp plugins you have to test for you blog!

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If you have been working with WordPress plugins for sharing in WhatsApp, you may notice that this platform usually is not present on the list, isn’t it?

Moreover, WhatsApp is important if you want to communicate better with your audience, or even your clients.

It’s true WhatsApp is not as popular in the US than in Europe, but it has a lot of advantages in front of Facebook Messenger or other messaging tools.

Maybe for this WhatsApp usually is not on the list but, with WordPress, you can do it.

Personally, I’ve spent years looking for the perfect WhatsApp plugin (yes, years!), and now I can recommend you my Top7.

Moreover, all these 7 plugins are free or have a functional free version.

Sounds good?

Just one more thing:

The list you are going to read has no special order.


The first in the list is called Join.chat, and it’s just a rebranding from the old Wame.chat.

Sincerely, for me, it’s the better WhatsApp plugin on the market.

You can do a lot of things with Join.chat, the integration is really fluent, and it just works fine and light.

Some key points for Join.chat:

It has 200.000 active installations, and this is really a lot.


You can put a WhatsApp button in your WordPress blog or project without coding anything.

You can tell the plugin on what zones do you want to appear and select only in mobiles or laptop too.

You can answer the messages the people leave you from different phone numbers, just in case you have more than 1 person doing this job.

You can show notifications to the people who connect with you by WhatsApp.

You can create welcome messages and personalized CTA for each page, product, or even section.

Join.chat integrates with Google Analytics and Facebook Ads, so you can have everything at one single place.

Is multilingual because you can integrate it with WPML and Polylang.

And, finally. It’s free.

You have some addons like integration with Svachat chatbots, CTA extras or picking a random phone if you have several agents, but the price of this extras are really affordable, and the free version is just awesome.

If you want to download Join.chat, just click on the button:

Add to Any


Add to Any is a must plugin for sharing buttons on almost every social network or whatever tool you can share something.

Ok, among all the options, it’s WhatsApp!

It’s not the only plugin doing this, but maybe it’s the better (if I quite on the list the Elementor Pro widget for Social Media sharing).

As you can see in the screenshot, it works super easy and it’s effective, so you cannot ask for more.

Chat Button by GetButton.io (Before, WhatsHelp Button)


Chat Button by GettButton.io was formerly WhatsHelp Button a time a go, and it’s an interesting plugin, like Join.chat, but for more messaging services.

Join.chat was focus on WhatsApp, but with WhatsHelp you can integrate WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Snapchat, Line, Telegram and WeChat.

So you have a ton of possibilities here!

This kind of plugin is super interesting if you have an eCommerce or a services project, because there are a lot of people that just don’t want to phone you.

They want a fast enough messaging platform with you.

So, if you want to convert more doesn’t matter of the channel, just use it.



I’m following React&Share plugin from their early beginnings and it’s a concept plugin I do love.

What this plugin does is simple and brilliant.

At the same time.

You can add different moods at the end of your blogpost so the people can share their feelings, with different templates and options.

Once the person have chosen the mood they have about your content, React&Share plugin displays the Social Media and messaging platforms, WhatsApp among them, so the use can share the content.

They have a premium version, but just with more detailed Analytics.

WP Social Chat


A time ago was just WhatsApp Chat, but WordPress force to change the name because they were using WhatsApp as part of it.

They have a free version like Join.chat (a few less options), but they have enough for being a nice plugin.

When the plugin detects you have a visit from a smartphone, the button appears, and this person can send you a message.

You can personalize the first message and you can have some analytics.

The premium version have more options like a the possibility to include multiple team members, among others.

Simple Social Buttons


Simple Social Buttons is another plugin for Social Sharing and, among all the different Social Media Networks, you have messaging tools too.

And WhatsApp is one of them.

They have a free version of the plugin and, with this version you can setup an inline social sharing buttons and may be an alternative for someone.

Click to Chat, WhatsApp plugin


Click to Chat is not the better designed plugin for WhatsApp (I think is far away Join.chat, for example), but It’s an ultra-light alternative that works really fine.

You can just setup a WhatsApp button and use it whatever you want due to shortcodes, with different button styles.

Nothing more. And nothing less.

As you can see, integrating WhatsApp with WordPress is really easy and it’s offer you a lot of possibilities for increasing your conversion.

The last thing I have to tell you is, if you are not using this kind of plugin and you have an eCommerce or a service project, you have to try it!

Sergio Ramírez

Sergio Ramírez

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