Online marketing budget calculator

Online marketing budget calculator

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If I told you doing an estimate for an Online Marketing campaing or project is maybe one of the hardest things, do yo agree?

I do think is hard for agencies, freelancers, and for clientes too!

For this, I created a calculator so you can do an Online Marketing budget step by step.

Here it is:

Hey, ho, let’s go!

1. SEO budget calculator

Correctly doing the SEO estimate is super important and, moreover, maybe SEO is the point almost every online marketing guy start.

For this, this is the first step on the process.

SEO audit

On every SEO project I’ve worked, the first thing is doing a SEO audit and, because of this, is the first step you can see on the budget calculator.

This part of the budget is a one pay one, the others, don’t.


On-page SEO

Once you have your SEO audit done, you must start working all the different SEO factors depending on the website.

And this is on-page SEO.

This part is going to be a strategy for several months (or even years), so you must do the estimate right.

Off-page SEO

When you start on-page SEO, you can work on off-page SEO too.

As you may know, off-page SEO are all the different ranking factors than depends on other websites, like links.

2. SEM budget calculator

On this second step I want to help you to estimate a SEM budget for a campaign.

I divided it on two different parts: Campaign setup and monthly management/fee.


Campaign setup

The first thing you need when you are going to launch a SEM campaign is to configure it by doing images, photos or video, segmentations, etc.

And you may charge it.

Usually this campaign setup is a one pay thing but, if you don’t charge it to your client, you are losing money.

Monthly management for the campaign

Once you have the setup, you may optimize the campaign month by month.

Here are two different concept you may know:

3. Social Media budget calculator

The third calculator is about Social Media, I’m going to show you how to do the estimate.

Two different sections:

On the one hand, community management and content creation.

On the other hand, Social Ads.


Community Management and content

If I speak about Social Media, the most of you are thinking on creating images, making some photos or videos to upload it to profiles, or even managing comments and reactions of this community, isn’t it?

The first point of the Social Media Calculator is just about this.

Social Ads

No matter your expertise or even your content.

In Social Media, if you don’t pay Social Ads, you are not going to grow.

I mean it.

For this, I’m recommending for years and years to all my clients the following:

If you want to grow on a Social Media Network, you have to put your money on Social Ads box.

Social Ads are usually made for:

4. Content Marketing budget calculator

I’m going to be 100% sincere with you.

I’ve known a lot of people who can do a nice estimate for a SEO or SEM campaign but, when we speak about content, they just cannot.

You may read a lot of times that “content is king” but the reality is content always be the poor neighbor.


Speaking about the calculator, this is super easy: You only need to know how much does a standard content cost and then, multiply for the number of posts you are going to create.

That’s all,

5. Email Marketing budget calculator

With the email marketing calculator, is happens kind of the same.

Usually email marketing is not a preference for almost none, and the people use to think about it as a side part of online marketing.

But then, everyone knows the money is on the list.

Weird, isn’t it?


Speaking about the calculator, is quite like Content Marketing Calculator, you only must know:

How much does it cost for making an email?

Then, multiply it for the number of emails per month.

Caution! The budget for the email marketing tool is not on this calculator.

Now you can do your estimate

I hope this calculator is usefull for you and you can do your estimate:

Now, I need to know your feedback for this tool, so please, write a comment for me and I’ll answer it as soon as I can.

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